Actual Day Wedding Photography

All the world’s a stage…

… and of course, all the men and women merely players on this special occasion we call a wedding day! Each player has a role, and entrances/exists to adhere to.

That being said, I sincerely believe that a wedding is more than a staged event. It’s the epitome of a commitment; a celebration of the bond between two souls ready to live out the rest of their days together. A wedding is also an important gathering of friends and family. The dress, the cake, the venue, the fairy lights – they are just details; details that are important only if you understand why they are there.

Confessions of a wedding day photography veteran

Truth to be told, I resent being questioned on what kind of wedding photographer I am.

Every wedding is unique in one way or another.

If the wedding venue is meticulously decorated, I pretend to be a forensic photographer collecting evidence at a crime scene. If there are no pictures, they have never existed.

During each wedding ceremony, I imagine myself as a reporter recording a historical moment; as if a decisive international agreement is about to be signed and sealed.

I am also that sports photographer stationed at the sideline, patiently anticipating the split-second action and expression like you’ve just launched that 3-point shot right before the buzzer.

A recent trend – almost at every wedding – I’ve become burdened with the mammoth responsibility of snapping photos of family clans gathered under one roof – with their iPhones, Samsungs and whatnot.

However; most importantly, once I’ve accomplished the abovementioned tasks, I simply enjoy being an astute observer – quietly recording the unscripted spectacle unfolding before my eyes.

I do what I do, not because you haven’t noticed me, but because you’ve already accepted my presence.