Attractive Wedding Photography Packages in Singapore

A Little Moment Photography offers wedding photography package for everyone, with exciting add-ons depending on your needs. From the pre-wedding escapades to the engagement party, overseas wedding photography, solemnization ceremony and actual wedding day, we’ve got everything needed to create a day that nobody can forget.

Wedding Actual Day

  • 6 or 10 hours of photography coverage
  • All edited files in in high resolution
  • Optional photobook album from Japan
  • Optional hairstyling and makeup service

Singapore Pre-Wedding

  • Photography session at various locations across Singapore
  • Optional Photobook Album from Japan
  • All edited files in in high resolution
  • Optional hairstyling and makeup service

Overseas Pre-Wedding Package

  • Choose destination from Europe, Asia, Australia or anywhere you have in mind.
  • Two days of photographic coverage
  • Photobook Album from Japan
  • All edited files in in high resolution
  • Hairstyling and makeup service included

ROM (Solemnization)

  • 3 hours of photography coverage
  • All edited files in in high resolution
  • Optional hairstyling and makeup service

Special promotion price for April with up to $1000 discount 


Sophisticated Make-up and Hair with a Difference

I’m not just saying this because I’m biased, but my beautiful wife, Jovie Tan (from TheLittleBrush Makeup) happens to be one of the most popular make-up artists in Singapore. She knows how to give every bride a gorgeous look that makes her feel beautiful.

If you are considering makeup service for pre-wedding or wedding actual day, we offer attractive promotion for joint booking of both photography and makeup packages. Enquire today to learn more.

What Our Clients Say

  • Sze Lee was very accommodating and friendly from the beginning until the big day. He gave us constructive suggestions, and was very thorough in knowing exactly what we wanted. He captured and highlighted the beauty of our wedding. Thank you!Mugant and Yuen Yi
  • {From {Siew Yee, the Bride}
    Dear Brides and Grooms to be, wedding is a once in a lifetime affair. All of us want to leave the most beautiful memories for ourselves and our partner. The photographs taken on that days are the best memories we can retain. When you feel like reminiscing about that wonderful day, referring to the photos and videos will be one of the few things you can do. Therefore, beautiful photographs are important. You will never find yourselves sick in looking through again and again. So, experienced and skilful photographer is very important. Sze Lee is a very committed photographer who never fail to go the extra mile for us. What he has given to us are the memories that can never be replaced. We are very satisfied with the end product. We really appreciate his effort and will want to recommend to all Brides and Grooms to be. You will not regret your choice. 🙂

    {From Ming Hee, the Groom}
    The strength of A Little Moment lies in the dedication of Sze Lee. With the amount of passion and effort that he pours in throughout the day, my wife Siew Yee and I felt confident and comfortable.Ming Hee and Siew Yee

  • Louis and Lishan
    I just got no idea where he got his energy from. His camera never stop clicking for the entire 8 hours, and he is as friendly as ever. Professional and hardworking photographer who worked quietly behind the wedding to document the joy, laughter and tear. Thank you so much for your dedication and beautiful photos!Louis and Lishan
  • Qi Xiang and Catherine
    As you can see, Sze Lee`s photos are good, so let me comment on what cannot be known easily from the pictures. If you are a couple who feels self-conscious and posing does not come naturally to both of you, or both of you are just clueless on where to plant yourselves when posing, he will throw suggestions and direct both of you on how to achieve certain poses to get the ball rolling. This really helps for both of you to get comfortable with the photographer and being photographed until eventually you can think up of your own poses as well. He can also do crowd management. This is important as in most events, there are other people who also want to take pictures and lots of people whom you want pictures of. Depend on him to quickly cut through the confusion and have the next batch of people prepare for the pictures. These all the while remaining polite, pleasant and keeping to the joyous atmosphere of the occasion. He knows how to command everybody`s attention to his camera amongst other cameras, so that you end up with nice pictures wherein everybody`s eyeballs are looking at the same direction!Qi Xiang and Catherine
  • Andrew and Hilary
    It was a pleasure having Sze Lee as our official wedding photographer. He is professional and very encouraging at the same time during our photoshoots. He understands our needs as a customer and never fails to deliver. Thank you Sze Lee!Andrew and Hilary
  • Marcus and Jean
    Sze Lee is extremely professional and made my friends, family, husband and I feel so comfortable in all our interactions with him prior to the wedding day, and on the wedding day itself. He is very proactive and constantly on the lookout for shots to capture your special day, and even for your cues to take impromptu shots with loved ones. Thank you Sze Lee, for switching careers so wedding couples like us are blessed with your wonderful combination of humble personality and talented skills!Marcus and Jean
  • Rudi and Miranti
    We had a brilliant wedding day and looking at the amazing photos which Sze Lee produced so quickly brings it all back. He managed to seize the essence of the day’s moments so well, capturing each part as it happened. His relaxed attitude meant that we felt no stress at all. We have the slide show and photos to treasure and share with our friends and family, so thank you very much Sze Lee. We would recommend ‘A Little Moment Photography’ to anyone looking for special memories of their special day.Rudi and Miranti
  • Ian and Sharon
    Sze Lee has been professional and precise in capturing the essence of the every significant moment during the wedding day. Leave it to him to get what’s needed and you can relive every moment through the journalistic pictures. We have been very blessed by his skills, speed and affability. Keep it rolling!Ian and Sharon
  • Nick and Char
    {Fun testimonial}
    Sze Lee is like a secret ninja – you don’t always know where he is (which is good during a wedding because you’ve got a lot of other stuff to worry about), but it’s because he’s somewhere getting the best secret ninja photos which you only realize later when you see the results. They will amaze you! Thank you secret ninja Sze Lee!

    {More serious one}
    Sze Lee was really easy and professional to work with. With so much on our plate for the wedding, he took the job and ran with it, and made us feel totally at ease and at home. He was totally unobtrusive during our wedding, and we only realised how much he covered when we looked at the photos afterwards. The photos were also very well-taken – definitely capturing all the “little moments” of our special day, with all the people that we cared about.Nick and Char

  • Xander and Grace
    We like how Sze Lee managed to capture all heartwarming expressions / emotions during our big day. He made it really easy without shoving the camera into our faces – I thought people get that during their BIG day. Experience with him was priceless!Xander and Grace
  • Alastair and Jiamin
    Sze Lee has an uncanny ability to capture our expressions. It brought along a lot of laughter and sweet memories when we recall back that sence when we look at those photo moments that they took for us. I did not know that there were so many subtle expressions that my husband and I can make during that joyous occasion.Alastair and Jiamin
  • Terence and Michelle
    The photos turned out better than we expected. Sze Lee managed to capture the candid moments during our wedding and we had so much fun looking through the photos. Will definitely recommend him to our family and friends!Terence and Michelle
  • Eng Hock and Jacqueline
    If you want to capture the day’s simple moments of joy and bliss, then A Little Moment Photography must be THE ONE. Thanks for being such a caring and wonderful part of the wedding crew. Your guidance and advice makes our day a real breeze for us.Eng Hock and Jacqueline
  • Yong Jie and Shi Han
    We had an incredible experience with A Little Moment Photography. With so many things to remember on the actual wedding day, it was really great that an experienced professional like Sze Lee could step in to ease our worries on the flow of the day’s activities, and kindly reminding us whenever we missed something out. Throughout the day he was extremely professional and never failed to smile no matter what tricky situations cropped up. Thank you Sze Lee for making our wedding such a happy memory! He’s someone who’d definitely go the extra mile for you. I can definitely vouch for that. Also really happy that Sze Lee took the effort to meet us multiple times, I think that really helped to lessen the initial anxiety we had towards the entire process, and Sze Lee helped us out alot with our planning of the actual day’s itinerary too. Thank you Sze Lee x 100000 times again!Yong Jie and Shi Han
  • Eric and Felicia
    Sze Lee totally understood our vision for the type of moments we want captured for our special day and he did it perfectly! Jovie also did such a great job in making me feel so beautiful! As our event was rather unconventional and we were worried how it would turn out..but as it turned out, it was amazing beyond our expectations! Definitely recommend Sze Lee and Jovie as the best combo for photography and make-up needs!Eric and Felicia
  • Yuan Hua and Candy
    The services rendered and the quality of photograph provided was beyond expectations. Sze Lee was very professional and the idea he has excited us. The whole photography experience was wonderful and the result was way better then the pre-wedding shots we took with bridal studio. Just so you are wondering, we engaged him for both our ROM and actual day on separate occasions.Yuan Hua and Candy
  • Ronald and Pearlyn
    Sze Lee was brilliant in capturing moments of our wedding that conveyed so much about the mood and the emotions of the day. He was professional and braved the near-100% humidity of our wedding day to produce a wondrously soulful collection of photos. Sze Lee has also proven to be responsible and reliable throughout. All in all a great experience. Thank you!Ronald and Pearlyn
  • Chin Hee and Molly
    Thanks Sze Lee for his wonderful job! He captured the moment at the right time and made us such a pretty couple in the picture! I will never forget those perfect shots!Chin Hee and Molly
  • Daniel and Pei Pei
    We appreciate your thoughtfulness during the photoshoot and also your generosity to extend your shooting hours. You maintain your professionalism throughout the shoot and produced good work that we can be proud of – thank you!Daniel and Pei Pei
  • Thomas and Irene
    It’s really great to engage A Little Moment Photography as our wedding photographer. Each and every photos are pretty! All our friends and relatives commented that the photos and slideshow are nice!Thomas and Irene
  • Shou Yi and Gena
    Thank you so much for the lovely photos! We love going through them and re-living our wedding day! Will definitely recommend you to our other friends getting married soon!Shou Yi and Gena